16 September 2014

Hello Young Man

Out and about on the Sunday arvo of Bingham Cup weekend and the atmosphere was great. Went to the beer garden for some shandies, people watching and cool tunes – the place was shoulder to shoulder and going off.
When it came my turn to shout I dug deep for the journey to the bar and back, grabbed one of the guys to help carry and started to ease my way through the throng. Manoeuvring around the different groups as we went with nods and smiles and a greeting here and there.  As we passed by a large group of guys I made eye contact with a chap who just beamed back at me although I didn’t think I knew him.
“Excuse me, I’m Alex and I’m sure you won’t remember me but in 1992 when I was ‘coming out’ you were so sweet to me and made me feel welcome, I’ve never forgotten it”.
So turns out Alex as a young 20 year old had arrived in Sydney to become himself and the first place he found on his journey was Friday nights at the Flinders Hotel.  


8 September 2014

Welcome Spring

The annual David Jones Flower Show at the Elizabeth Street Store in Sydney is in its 29th year. This year is really the biggest and brightest it’s been for years and that’s a huge surprise given all the trouble DJs have had of late.

Featuring a wide variety of 150,000 live flowers, the David Jones Flower Show has been created by a team of 30 specialists florists in over 10,000 hours. This year the theme is Attraction, celebrating the powerful sensory engagement of flowers and their distinct scents. It’s very girly and wonderfully sophisticated.

Here is a selection of phots I’ve taken, to tempt you locals to go see and for friends not in town who might enjoy. All happening until Sunday 14 September.