6 March 2015

The making of the Beyonce G Spot Memorial Float

It takes time, money and resources to make a float for the Mardi Gras Parade. Here, Colleen Windsor takes a look at a group of friends doing it for the love and memory of their late friend.

Zaine ‘Sascha’ Fierce was the guy who gave us the famed Sydney drag queen Beyoncé G-Spot, and Beyoncé was an entrepreneur. At the heart of every entrepreneur is a passion for what they do and a passion for life, and Zaine, Beyoncé, or Mark as I knew him, showed us that in spades when he lived here in Sydney.
Beyoncé G-Spot was created in 2004 and over the next five years was front and centre of the Sydney drag industry. She single-handedly raised thousands of dollars for charity through selling ‘$1 Suckie’ lollipops on many a Sydney dance floor; created the popular TwinkTown club nights; and in 2007 won three DIVA Awards including the DIVA Rising Star. I remember Beyoncé fondly as a queen who was creative, talented and determined to make it. At that time I was on the DIVA Board and had many a moment with Beyoncé, who could also be sometimes difficult and demanding. It’s all this that made her, well, unforgettable.

Zaine and his partner Roland moved to Hamburg, Germany in 2009 where Zaine established a DJ career playing throughout Europe and started his own lace front wig business. In 2013, at only 32 years old, Zaine unexpectedly passed away.
Now, a small group of her friends have been putting together a spectacular tribute Mardi Gras Parade entry – the Beyoncé G-Spot Memorial Float – in celebration of her life.

Float concept design by Troy Murphy