4 February 2018

Performance 1 February 2018

This 40th Anniversary Mardi Gras season will be my last lap before I call it a day on showgirl performance. I was delighted to begin the season with an appearance to support Trans Glamoré for my friend Victoria Anthony who I adore. This is the video of my Spyfall number.

3 December 2017

Sydney Transgender Day of Remembrance Candlelight Vigil 2017

Trans Sydney Pride were proud to present the second Transgender Day of Remembrance Candlelight Vigil on Monday 20 November 17 at 7-30 pm in Taylor Square, Darlinghurst. It was a beautiful evening that honoured the resilience of our community, whilst commemorating those who suffered as a result of transphobia. A gathering of our community, of family, friends, and allies in solidarity and respect.

I was very proud to give the keynote address for the evening, captured in this video by the Star Observer.


24 December 2016

Podcast - Nell's Noël Nonsense

Following on from my holiday post - Load up your devices and dance. Here is a wonderful Christmas podcast from my friend Nell'ee Maydit.

Happy Christmas Colleen x

23 December 2016

Load up your devices and dance!

The party season has begun and we’ll be dancing from now right through till early March.  I’ve been noticing at all the home soirees that the music is fabulous, it’s like friends have a DJ hidden behind the blinds. But it seems we can all enjoy the best sounds and what’s more our favourite DJs are happy to supply the beats.

More than ever before our brilliant local DJs and music producers are knocking out promotional podcasts for us to download or stream through our personal devices.  Sample at home, in the gym or on the beach, then follow them to the club or dance party of choice.

Podomatic, soundcloud, mixcloud, iTunes, Facebook and the DJs personal websites are the go to sites. Get searching and I promise you will be spoilt for choice and all tastes are catered for.

DJ Rob Davis
Since 1985 DJ Rob Davis has played at many big parties in Sydney and overseas. I’ve been a fan the whole time and many a Mardi Gras or Sleaze are forever memorable because of his sets.  He plays every Saturday and Sunday night at Arq, and has done so for 9 years. Before that he was resident at The Midnight Shift for 22 years. So imagine my excitement when I found he uploads podcasts to his personal website.

Recently he posted a new podcast ‘2016 Anthems’ 2 hours worth of happy house and sing-along anthems that hit number 2 on the dance charts after just 24 hours. Rob said “I feel very privileged to have had such a long career. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the club owners and clubbers of Sydney for allowing me to not just pursue, but maintain a job that I love.” 

DJ Mason Andrews

Bursting into the music scene early in 2012, at just 22 years old DJ Mason Andrews is a star on the ascend. Mason has been doing podcasts monthly now for about 5 years and tells me he loves experimenting with new genres and sounds, and sharing that with his many followers.  Mason will be playing a set at the very popular Babylon club night on Boxing Day and is currently making us a main room/circuit mix with all the camp vocal house trimmings as a teaser. 

26 November 2016

25 Years of Polly’s Follies

It’s the longest running drag show in Australia – Polly’s Follies is about to celebrate its silver anniversary. The story of this phenomenon is now legendary amongst the history of Sydney drag and its star Polly Petrie, well she’s achieved what no other performer is ever likely to again.  

It all began at the Albury Hotel 25 years ago when Leigh Jennings introduced a Sunday evening show that had a sense of difference from the famous production show format that played every night. It was all about having fun – the same purpose continuing right through to today.

Polly Petrie
The format was, as it still is, a drag variety show. A place where up and coming drag queens can make a start, learn the ropes, have room to experiment and as many have, blossom into the performers we have all enjoyed so much over the years. While it has never been a talent quest, it has launched stars.  Some of those who started at Polly’s include: Vanity Faire, Beyonce G-Spot, Christina Dior, Natasha Knowles, Jessica James (Drags Aloud, Melbourne), Feminem (Perth) and Sandy Crack (Brighton, England). 

But make no mistake the star of the show is Polly. All the bouquets are hers. Polly holds the whole show together, making it look almost like a fun party, but really it takes commitment, focus and heaps of talent to guide three hours of entertainment, where anything can happen and no two shows are the same.

When the Albury Hotel closed, Polly took the show on the road. First to the Venus Room in Kings Cross then to the Lizard Lounge at the Exchange Hotel and to its current home for the last 11 years The Stonewall Hotel.  Punters of a certain age will have been in the audiences for the whole journey, and even some of the showgirls will have performed on all of the Follies stages.