23 January 2012

LA SOIREE the perfect start to the Sydney Mardi Gras Festival!

The Studio at the Sydney Opera House has been themed to give the impression your’ve walked into a circus tent with a small circular red stage as its centerpiece, with the audience sitting in rows surrounding the stage. The atmosphere is perfect for the next two hours of cabaret, new burlesque, circus sideshow and contemporary vaudeville. La Soiree is the new and improved version of La Clique which has turned Sydney on its head before. In fact many of the stars you’ll see in this show were in La Clique including The English Gents, Captain Frodo, Ursula Martinez and Bath Boy. Notwithstanding this it’s mostly full–on, sexy, in your face exciting adult entertainment. 

Le Gateau Chocolat performs in La Soiree

It begins with a newcomer Le Gateau Chocolat who brings an interesting twist on an opera singing gender illusionist, he’s a bit tame on the Sydney scale of drag-fab but used to effect in setting the mood. Next up the incredible English Gents, Denis Lock and Hamish McCann, whose display of strength, trust, and precision take your breath away, whilst delivered with an engaging take on British formality.  

Captain Frodo returns with his hilarious display of what the human body can do, well his anyway. He manages to put his body through a pair of tennis rackets that had the audience amazed, falling about in hysterics or a tad repulsed, as I was when I saw what he was going to actually do to his body. I can ensure you once seen you will never forget!   

Now that the crowd had been well and truly warmed up we saw the return of (English Gent) Hamish McCann with a stunning pole routine, and an encore performance from Ursula Martinez.  Her cult striptease act with its mischievous disappearing red hanky is still a jaw-dropping sensation, and had many first timers squealing.   

After interval punked-up aerial ballet star Bret Pfister  from New York makes his Sydney debut with a highly technical hoop routine and Denis Lock (the other English Gent) performs a very daring display of body strength when he balances on a growing stack of chairs, each one added takes the focus of the audience up with him.  

Finally we are treated to the mesmerising aerial balled artist David O'Mer who is often referred to as Bath Boy. He has been a major attraction of this troupe for some time and it’s no wonder; the guy just oozes so much sex appeal many in the audience are driven crazy. He is super hot in those wet denim jeans and his boyish grins.  

This show is packing them in and has just been extended to run right through the Mardi Gras Festival until 26 February, tickets at www.sydneyoperahouse.com.  If you’ve never seen La Clique then rush to see La Soiree, or go anyway with a group of friends and set yourself up for a fabulous start to our Mardi Gras season.

David O'Mer aka Bath Boy in La Soiree

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