27 March 2012

Mary Kiani – Little Things Mean a Lot

We in Sydney’s GLBT community love the beautiful Scottish lass Mary Kiani even more since she has made Sydney her home in recent years. Mary of course comes to us with the most wonderful calling card of enduring Top 40 dance hits including 100%, Real Love and the huge world wide hit I Imagine.

Locally Mary has the fabulous credit of starring in one of the best Mardi Gras show’s of the last ten years when she sang I Imagine in a ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ themed full-on spectacular in the early hours of the 2006 party.

Many people still talk about this with such affection so I asked Mary about this connection she has with our community and she told me “I have always been treated like a queen here by the gay and lesbian community and when I’m up singing I always feel the love. I’m sure they all feel it coming back at them”. 

Mary is now launching ‘stage two’ of her musical career by recording a collection of torch songs, jazz and classic standards on her latest album Little Things Mean A Lot. It includes songs from the 1930's through to the present day. I’ve got to say I love this CD and whilst Mary won’t know she and I sing the best duets to it at my place.

The first half of the album is so simple it’s just the piano and Mary’s really fabulous voice. Tracks here include It Ain't Necessarily So, Good Morning Heartache the subtle build of this song in her lower register stops you in your track with the emotion behind the song, Little Things Mean a Lot is the title track and is sung with such feeling you can assume the song means so much to Mary.

I asked Mary about these choices on this CD and she told me “these songs are very much a part of my past as I used to sing them in wine bars from the age of 17 through to about 25.  These are songs I just love singing so I really put my heart and soul into them”.                                    

The later songs have a tad more production and give Mary the chance to have a bit of a belt. All of Me and At Last are two of my favourite they sound contemporary and fresh. She sings the Bassey hit Apartment and puts her own personal stamp on it – stunning!        

The album also features special guest, theatre star, Michael Cormick performing a duet with Mary of the Garland/Streisand Get Happy & Happy Days Are Here Again another album highlight. Together they put new life and love into this classic; their voices together give this CD a wonderful way to conclude. 

Mary said “the songs let people know how I really sound and the reaction has been very positive.  It allows people to hear the other side of me and yes they seemed to like it”. And I’m certain like it you will, a must have CD to balance your listening pleasure.

Buy it at www.fanfarerecords.com ABC Shops and iTunes.

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