19 August 2012

Viva Forever girls!

All everyone seems to be gossiping about this week is the incredible appearance of the Spice Girls in the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony—talk about spice up the party, their performance was an absolute triumph not only for the show but for the girls themselves.

So we all remember the Spice Girls right—an English pop girl group formed in 1994. The group comprised five members, who adopted nicknames: Melanie Chisholm ‘Sporty Spice’, Emma Bunton ‘Baby Spice’, Melanie Brown ‘Scary Spice’, Victoria Beckham ‘Posh Spice’, and Geri Halliwell ‘Ginger Spice’. They have sold over 75 million records worldwide, making them the best-selling female group of all time.

But in 1994 the girls were all very young, the oldest just twenty and they were marketed to a young girls market with their famous girl power attitude. What we saw at the Olympics last week was something else altogether—five showgirls in their late 30’s early 40’s, mums and wives, successful business woman independently and oh so very glamorous. I can relate to them on a better level now and have become a fan all over again. They look like the kind of girls I’d love to have a few champers with.

It was these reunited Spice Girls that made the biggest splash at Sunday night’s event, which was viewed an estimated 300 million around the world and 80,000 fans at Olympic Stadium. They arrived via multicolored taxis into the centre of the stadium, the floor of which was arranged to resemble the Union Jack and performed a medley of their megahits Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life as they stood atop their taxis and circled the stadium, dazzling the same fans who helped make them one of the most popular worldwide acts back in the late 1990s.

It seems they were all very delighted with how it went and each of them has commented throughout the week. Geri said in a statement "I'm so proud we could be part of it, thank you to my fellow Spice Girls who are shining examples of wonderful women and all the fans who cheered for us”. Victoria took to tweeter “We did it!! I love u girls so much!!!!! xxx vb”. Mel C said "It was an incredible night and us girls had the best time being together." And Emma said "It was an honour to represent my country and I had the best night with my girls”.

But it was Mel B who had the most interesting things to say, in a statement to MTV she said “I do think we looked a little bit more older and a little bit more put-together and classier. Compared to 15, 20 years ago when we didn't really know what was going on too much when it comes to fashion and hair and makeup and stuff. We have had our looks refined a little bit. I think we all look amazing, of course. They're my sisters. I adore them impeccably."

We love Mel B here in Sydney since she’s been working on Australian TV and she never disappoints in the looks department—even the outfit she wore last week was simply to die for by showgirl standards. I read somewhere that she partied till 6am and still in that suit!

Talk is rife of a reunion tour but I can’t see Victoria being part of it though, she has that David and four kids to look after, but Mel B seems to think well that’s OK too. A new west end musical based on their catalogue of songs opens in December so all things Spice Girls have certainly stirred—viva forever girls.     

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  1. They stole the show for me - f*ck me, the crowd went absolutely ballistic when they came out in their taxis. I think it was the only time that the entire crowd got to their feet dancing.

    And it was some of their hilarious tweeting after the show that proved how much fun they are - including a photo of them as the sun was coming up with Mel C tweeting that Mel B that it was time for her to change out of her performance frock!