26 December 2011

DIVA on YouTube

A quick note to tell you about a wonderful little archival project which you might find interesting.

At last new software has allowed the creation of a YouTube channel devoted to all those wonderful video clips which were at the heart of the Drag Industry Variety Awards, DIVA, ceremonies through the late nineties and early noughties. Penny Clifford has project managed this initiative and the result is a wonderful archive of the best Sydney drag covering DIVA shows, classic nightclub performances and drag TV appearances. Be warned with over 100 different clips available you can get trapped for hours reliving ‘the old days’ or educating yourself on why that period was called the golden years of the strip.

In less restricted financial times than today, past DIVA Boards and the old company that produced the awards Divacom Pty were able to afford video to screen filming, along with the legendary tradition of the video overture which summed up the state of drag in that given year and featured the stars de-jour in pop-art masterpieces. Luckily, past board directors hung on to these old VHS tapes which have been collected and in the nick of time, before most had started to decay, transferred to YouTube.

So all the glitter and glamorous entertainment awaits you - go to OriginalDivaAwards YouTube channel and enjoy the show. www.youtube.com/originaldivaawards

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