24 January 2014

Voyeur - "guaranteed to leave you hot under the collar".

Who doesn’t like the opportunity to watch? Well this new show appearing monthly at Slide in Darlinghurst will be your complete delight as you become the Voyeur. The guys behind multi award winning Aussie Pole Boys display their many talents both on and off the pole, in a multi-media show focusing on strength, agility and the male physique.

Having been an integral part of many shows at Slide over the past 6 years, the Aussie Pole Boys present their most daring and ambitious show Voyeur – an adults only all-male burlesque show, spanning traditional to nouveau burlesque, aerial performance and pole dance and set against a purpose-built multi-media set with stunning lighting effects.
Slide is the perfect cabaret room for this show, first dinner is always divine, and then everybody is on top of the action in this intimate setting. What I particularly liked about Voyeur is its creative idea has been perfectly developed and at no time throughout the show does it wander from it. A mix of solo work, doubles and cast numbers, each bringing a different aspect of male sexiness and strength to the show.
Look it’s all good I was completely mesmerized, but a couple of highlights - the strength of David Aeon and Blue Phoenix who performed an incredible duo on the pole and the sultry sexiness of Steven Watson’s fan dance and hot aerial act.

The place was packed the night I and my friends went along and the audience, which was a complete mix, all lapping up the ‘look don’t touch’ playfulness on tap. Slide are on a winner again and this is a great addition to its variety of resident circus, performance art and burlesque cabaret. Guaranteed to leave you a little ‘hot under the collar’ so to speak.

14 January 2014

Yoko Ono - War is Over! (if you want it)

Growing up in Wales as a teenager in the late sixties The Beatles and all they got up to was fascinating and completely drove pop culture of the day. I became aware of Yoko Ono, of course, when she married John Lennon and I can remember their Bed Peace piece in 1969 which was absolutely massive. These two hippies staying in a white bed, in a white room for two weeks in the name of world peace.

So it seems that Yoko Ono has carried this thread as the driver for her art ever since and currently showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney is her first Australian exhibition and of course Peace is its central theme. The title comes from a text work by Ono and her husband John Lennon that first appeared at Christmas 1969 across public billboards in twelve cities worldwide, including New York and London.

Much of the work is installation based and to get the most out of your visit you need to get actively involved with the work. Many of the pieces were first created in the sixties and recreated in the last few years to form this show.
The whole problem is that you have to buy-in to this now quaint notion that sticking a post-it note on a wall will repair your relationship with your mother, or stamping the word peace on your city of choice on a huge map will ensure that place embraces peace, or taking a jigsaw piece of sky away with you in the hope that, one day in the future, the world can build a new sky together. All of which might have been moving in its day but now seems out of touch and silly for us cynics.