6 August 2015

Madonna the second coming

The greatest showgirl the world has ever seen is coming to town and for me it’s a dream coming true. Madonna has supplied the music to my life since that first anthem ‘Holiday’ in 1983 through all seventeen CDs sitting on my bookshelf. Thirteen studio albums nicely spaced every few years and some of the best compilation albums you could ever wish for.

Recognised as the best-selling female recording artist of all time by the Guinness Book of World Records with 300 million album sales; Madonna is bringing her Rebel Heart World Tour to Sydney in March next year and with my Platinum ticket under my pillow its just 250 sleeps away.

We fans have been very patient for 23 years as the queen of pop bypassed Australia on all world tours since the 1993 Girlie Show, citing logistics and financial reasons for the no show. The Confessions tour in 2006 never made it because she had to get her kids back to school (serious), Sticky and Sweet of 2008, which is the biggest grossing tour of all time for a solo artist, never made it due the global financial crisis. For MDNA of 2013 Australian media suggested that stadiums had already been booked before Madge dropped us again. After a fan backlash she belatedly played the parent card again and said;

“I know a lot of you are angry with me, upset with me, disappointed … please forgive me, and know that when I do come to Australia I will have made the wait worth your while, and I will put on the greatest show on earth.”